Friday, 24 February 2012

6 Ways to make a call using an Avaya phone

Maybe you have your commonly used numbers printed on a piece of paper by the side of the phone. Maybe you use an old fashioned Rolodex? I’m going to introduce you to a few other ways that you may not know about but which may make your life easier.

1.      Pick up the phone and dial a number

Bet you didn’t know it could be this easy? J

Sometimes people get overwhelmed with so many different options. Don’t forget it’s a phone and if this works for you then feel free to ignore all the other suggestions in this list. The purpose of this article is not to make your life more complicated than it needs to be.

2.      Use the phone directory

Press the Contacts button and use the directory on the phone system to find the person you’re looking for. Select List and scroll through an alphabetical list of every extension on the system or just start typing out the name of the person on the keypad  and the system will automatically try and match them. When you’ve found the person you’re looking for  select Call.

      3.      Use Speakerphone

Most of the new Avaya IP Office handsets give you a full hands free option. Instead of picking up the handset press the speaker button and dial the number. It may be that you need to be doing something on your computer whilst talking on the phone and this way you can have both hands free.

4.      Use the call log to return a call

You can see a log of all calls you have made or received on your phone by pressing the call log button. Use the arrow keys to scroll through a category such as “missed” and see all those important calls you missed or change the category to All or Outgoing. Use the buttons at the top to call the person or see more details about the call.

5.      Redial

Perhaps you’re trying to get in touch with someone and want to try again later. Press the redial button to see your last dialled number or scroll down the list to see previous numbers you’ve dialled. Then simply select Call to ring them.


6.      Transfer a call to another person

It’s easy to transfer a call to another phone if it turns out you’re not the person the caller needed to speak to. Just press the transfer button and dial the extension number of the person you need to transfer to. When they answer you can announce the caller and then put your handset on the receiver to put them through.


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