Tuesday 11 October 2011

How to easily set up voicemail to handle your missed calls

If you’re the kind of person who is away from your desk a lot or spends a lot of time on calls then the voicemail feature of the IP Office 500 system could be very useful.

If voicemail is not set up on your phone....

....Contact your System Administrator to get it enabled.

System Administrators: To enable voicemail for a user select the user from the list of users on the IP Office system and go to the voicemail tab. Click the checkbox called “Voicemail On” and it’s done.

How do I record a greeting?

When your voicemail is enabled there will be a default greeting played to people who call your phone and get put through to voicemail but if you want to personalise your greeting you can do this easily. To access any features of your voicemail on your phone just press the big Message button. If you scroll down the list of options using the arrow keys you will get to the greeting options. Just follow the prompts to record a personalised greeting message.

How do I know if I’ve got a new message?

Voicemail alerts can be set up in a number of ways for you. You can be alerted to new messages by a red light on the top right of the phone or you can be alerted through email or a combination of these methods. If you want to be alerted by email you can choose to have the message attached as a .wav file that you can listen to on your PC or just have a message to tell you that you have a message and you then listen to the message on the phone. Be aware that if you choose to have the message attached to the email you will still need to delete the message on the phone or they will build up.
How to access your voicemail...

If voicemail is set up on your phone you will notice a red light on the top right of the phone will light up when anyone leaves you a message. To listen to the message simply press the “message” button. You then get the option to listen to the message. Press the softkey and the recorded message will play. When you’ve finished listening to the message you can then listen again or save the message to listen to it again later or just delete it.

How Phone Manager Lite helps you manage your messages

Can also control their voicemail on their PC. Just click on the messages tab to see how many new messages, old messages or saved messages you have. You can also play messages from here. It’s easy to turn your voicemail off and on from here too. If you click on the “settings” button and go to voicemail you can toggle the voicemail option on and off. And some people might like the voicemail Ringback feature which means that when you get a new voicemail the server will call your phone to tell you.


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