Wednesday 30 May 2012

IP Office DDI | DID Incoming Call Route

How to create a new DDI or DID number

A Direct Inward Dial (DID) or Direct Dial-in (DDI) number is a great way to route calls directly to an internal extension or hunt group.

It has three main benefits:-

1.      The user or department who can now give out a direct number for people to contact them on.

2.      It means that calls are not tying up the main number and reception.

3.      It makes it much easier for callers to get straight through to the person or department they need to speak to.

Question is: How do you set up a  new DID number or DDI number on the Avaya IP Office system?

Fortunately it is quite straightforward….

Incoming Call Route

The first thing we need to do is to create a new incoming call route to tell the Avaya system what to do with the call.

Open up the Avaya IP Office manager application and go to Incoming Call Route.

You can expand the Incoming Call Route and see how existing ones are configured on the system or simply right click and select New

The configuration is based on number matching with a few different elements. In the example below I’m specifying the line group ID of the trunk on which the call was received and matching with the Incoming Number.

When the system detects an incoming call it tries to match up the number dialled to the incoming number field on an Incoming Call Route. So that if a caller dialled 020 3891547 the system would match the last three digits of the number to the incoming call route just created.

The next step is determining what the system is going to do with the call.

Click on the Destinations tab and use the drop down box to select where you want the call routed to.

You can select individual extensions, pickup groups or voicemail.

OK the changes and save the configuration.

This change can be merged into the configuration of the system so no reboot required.


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  2. Hey Richard, I *think* this addresses a need I have. We have 6 POTS lines plugged into ATMs in our IPOffice500, they are all in a single hunt group administered by Bell Canada. I would like to allow inbound calls on one of those lines to be immediately directed to a particular extension, bypassing the main "switchboard".

    So I am curious how to specify this. I *assume* the "incoming number" you specified is based on Caller ID? I'm not 100% sure we have CID on any of these lines. Is it possible to make a call route based on a specific socket in our line cards? For instance, I know that one of the lines, 4534, is plugged into card 1 socket 9. Can I have that directed to a specific extension?

    1. I can't believe no one answered this yet, but this example works only for PRI's (and I believe SIP trunks as well).
      If you want to route all calls from a specific analog POTs line, you need to go into Lines, pick the line you want to single out, and put it on its own incoming line Group ID.
      So if you have 6 lines, lines 1-5 would be in group 0, and the 6th (being the "private" line) you would assign to group 1.
      Then go to Incoming Call Routes and create a "catch all" for line group 1:
      Line Group ID =1 (the private line you just put into the new group)
      Incoming Number field leave blank.
      This is left blank so anything and everything coming in on group 1 gets routed to the destination on the destinations tab.
      Works every time.

  3. Can any body tell me how to instal softphone step by step process... is it possible to use my laptop as a softphone using one control unit not connected to any internet . ?????

  4. How do I get a list (export) of Incoming call routes? Not sure how to handle the exp format. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Thanks for this! I had lots of available DDI numbers that weren't assigned to any users. I didn't want to have to get a technician to do this one little job. This helped me do it myself.

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  7. Can anyone please tell me how we can display our current DDI numbers on outbound calls?

  8. Incoming DDI points to a huntgroup
    When dialing from external number displays as 'user busy' any ideas?

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