Friday 18 November 2011

How to personalize your ringtone on the Avaya 1608

Work in an office full of Avaya telephones? Don’t know which one’s ringing when you’re not at your desk? Personalize your phones ringtone so you immediately recognize when your phone is ringing.

Most of the settings that you change on the 1608 are done from the Features option on the main screen. But this one you access from the Menu button. After pressing this button you get the option you want to change appear on the screen. Press the OK button to select it. Scroll down to get to Personal Ringing.

Now you get to enjoy listening to the different options….Press the Play soft button to hear your current ringtone. To hear the other ones simply scroll down and then select play. When you hear one you like press the Save button and then Exit.

Internal / External Ringtones

If you have a direct dial number or when your receptionist puts through an external call your phone will have a different ringtone. It’s worth familiarising yourself with the difference in sounds so you can immediately recognise the difference. This may influence your decision about which Internal ringtone to choose as some of them can sound similar.


  1. It is a great article pertaining a modification of ringtone. From here phone owners can customize their desired ringtone to call their attention if someone is on the calling or on the line. It is a good feature that an Avaya phone system has.

  2. It's a pity all the available ringtones are so awful...

    1. And that they all sound nearly identical... I wok in an open plan office full of Avaya phones and I can never tell if the phone ringing is a colleague who is at their desk or away...

    2. Shame on Avaya! What is great about choosing from a few awful ringtone?Personalize means for me that use ANY .MP3 on the phone.
      Do a real personalization article about how can we put real .mp3 or other audio to the Avaya....

  3. I agree - there are 20 phones in our office, all open plan and only a stupid few to choose from, I hate that I dont know whose phone is ringing, it sucks


  4. I like this post. Your information in very good.What are the avaya phone systemand PBX systems.or both are same.

  5. "Now you get to enjoy listening to the different options"
    NOT - these ring tones are terrible.... and everyone of them starts with the same tone

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