Thursday, 26 July 2012

Configure Avaya IP Office Voicemail

You can enable Voicemail for any of the users on your phone system by using the manager application.

Open up the Avaya IP Office Manager and navigate to the users. Find the user you want to set up voicemail for and select the voicemail tab.

To turn on voicemail simply click on the Voicemail On checkbox.

You have a number of other options on how you want to control access to voicemail and how the user gets notified of new messages.

To require the user to enter a code to access their voicemail type it into the Voicemail Code box and confirm boxes. When a user then tries to access their voicemail they will be prompted to enter the code.

You can enable help for the user when they are using their voicemail by clicking on the Voicemail Help checkbox.

Notifying a user of new voicemail messages

There will usually be a visual notification on the users handset when they have a voicemail message. For example on the 1608 handset a red light is lit up on the top right of the phone.

In addition there are a couple of other ways you can alert users to new messages:-

If you enable Voicemail Ringback the system will ring the users handset to deliver the new message.

You can enter the users email address in the Voicemail email box to get the system to contact the user by email to let them know they have a new message.

If you do this you then have the option to

1.      Send them a copy of the voicemail message

2.      Send them an email alerting them to the fact that they have a new message

3.      Forward the voicemail message

You will need to make sure that your IP Office system is configured with the relevant email server information (SMTP) so that emails can be delivered to your users.


  1. What about group voicemail? how can I set that up and then change my greeting?

  2. Where is the setting to adjust number of rings before a call goes to voicemail? Thanks.

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  4. Hello friends,

    How can i Enable Auto Attendance tab ?

  5. dear all,

    i am a little new to the avaya voice systems. but caught up really fast as i have worked long on cisco voice.
    i have come across a strange problem that i cannot see the auto attendant tab in a customers IPO configuration. i have to make some IVR flow for them distributing them in hunt groups with recorded messages. but strangely i cannot see the AA tab inside it

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